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Connor Adams releases indie-rock anthem "Set Me Free"

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Suffolk indie-rock artist CONNOR ADAMS has released his latest single "Set Me Free," which has been dubbed the "vaccine anthem."


"Set Me Free" marks Connor's first single of 2021 since his last release in September 2020. Written during the global pandemic, "Set Me Free" captures the weighted feeling of being locked inside while missing loved ones before finally being able to enjoy the little things in life post-lockdown.


"Set Me Free" leans into U2-esque instrumental layers and intricate guitar riffs while highlighting Connor's exquisite vocal abilities.


"I feel so fortunate and appreciative for me and my loved ones to have made it out of the last year healthy," Adams says. "For the last 12-14 months I've been creating in my little home studio, writing the best music I've ever written. Each day I visualise playing these songs to massive crowds. Words can’t describe how excited I am to get ‘Set Me Free’ out to the world. Performing this on the big stages is going to be a dream come true!"


"Set Me Free" credits:

Written by Connor Adams

Produced by Tom Peters

Other writing credits - Nic Keeble