"A trio of tremendous singles all sounding superb on the radio. This guy's music really lifts the spirits and boy don't we need some of that in 2020"

- Stephen Foster, BBC

"Don't Play with a Heart has a killer progression, which begins as an exciting blend of electro-pop and soul before bursting into a dynamic folk/rock/soul explosion."

- Dov Zavado, Indie Top 39

Suffolk, Indie Pop/Rock artist Connor Adams. Immediately grabbing your attention with his soaring vocals, accompanied by his 5 piece band really are what live music is all about. 


The 25 year old has toured with rock legends The Darkness, over 100K streams on his recent singles "Don't Play with a Heart" & "Deeper". And headlined the UK’s highly acclaimed venues and festivals. 


 Although a tough year for us all, 2020 remains an exciting year for Singer Songwriter Connor Adams. With his 2nd EP 'Devil of The Night' set to be released in the summer.